Logistics and Customer Service: Deliver in More Ways Than

The Importance of Customer Service in Logistics

customer service in logistics

This is because customer satisfaction helps the business survive and grow simultaneously. Assuring quality in logistics operations such as global outsourcing is very challenging due to the multiple layers involved in the supply chain. These layers are sometime loosely integrated and hence hard to maintain quality throughout the chain. One could say that creates a culture of quality that is ingrain to every layer of the supply chain including an outsourced vendor. Companies may actually decide that in order to meet their quality objectives, some services or products must be outsourced overseas to more skilled laborers. They feel that they do not have the skills in house, and quality is better met by outsourcing the necessary work.

customer service in logistics

But, Warby Parker simplifies the interaction and removes friction you’d usually experience when purchasing eyeglasses in-person. Warby Parker’s buying process is simple, easy-to-follow, and gets the product in your hands in nearly no time. To see the difference customer service can make, reach out to Zipline today.

What Activities do Logistics Customers Have?

The paperwork that accompanies the flow of physical product is considered to be the documentation flow. The typical number ranges from 6 to 10, but the number can climb to more than 50. For example, livestock must be accompanied by a veterinarian’s inspection certificate. Documentation also links the shipment to payment for the product—a form of control necessary to ensure that goods are not shipped without regard to their being paid for.

Circle Logistics Appoints Steve Schroeder as VP of National Sales – Yahoo Finance

Circle Logistics Appoints Steve Schroeder as VP of National Sales.

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According to LaLonde and Zinszer, there are three elements to customer service. Ideally, all terms of customer service policy are identified prior to shipment of goods that establishes an expected customer service in logistics level of customer service in the transaction. The pretransaction element consists of returns policies, expected delivery time, and contingency plans for problems that may occur during shipment.

Handling returns and reverse logistics effectively

More and more CSRs will get the opportunity to listen, react and resolve this same problem. When you do this, customers are typically impressed and appreciate the work you did for them. Going further to help the customer can also assist in developing positive word-of-mouth for the company.

For instance, reduction of the business volume contributed to almost one-third of the entire customer service related failures. Other penalties include called in manager/salesman, cut-off of all purchases with suppliers, significant number of items discontinued, deny of purchasing new items and refusal to invest in promotion. 8.5 shows some significant customer service penalties noted from an industry survey. Sterling and Lambert clearly showed in their research that logistics customer service is the critical factor for the office systems as well as plastic and furniture factories. In the corporate business climate, all these elements are considered individual components of the larger overall customer service. Innis and LaLonde concluded that as much as 60% of desirable customer service attributes can be directly attributed to logistics (Innis & LaLonde, 1994).

Due to its complexity, coordinating efficiently between stakeholders has become a logistical puzzle, often leading to delays and miscommunications that disrupt the service pipeline. It also adds a layer of unpredictability that makes it even more difficult for logistics companies to provide efficient and customer-centric services modern buyers expect. Exceptional service is all about being prepared for unforeseen challenges,  proactively addressing issues, and having contingency plans for them. Having a well-prepared team with contingency plans ensures that despite the weather, your commitment to delivering quality service remains steadfast.

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